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1.  Is Caddo Parish Fire District 5 a paid or volunteer department?


Actually, we are both.  We are a combination paid/volunteer department.  We have a staffing level of six firefighters on duty 24/7.

2.  What is the fire insurance rating for Caddo Parish Fire District 5?

We currently hold a Class 3 PIAL fire insurance rating.

3.  How is Caddo Parish Fire District 5 funded?

We are primarily funded through ad valorem property taxes and structure service fees approved by the voters living within Caddo Parish Fire District 5.  

4.  Can I burn outdoors?

Residents of the fire district may burn outdoors during periods when there is no burn ban.  However, before burning, you must first obtain a burn permit from the fire district.  Please see our Burn Permits page for more information.

5.  Why does a fire truck sometimes show up to a medical call?

All of our firefighters are cross-trained in emergency medical services (EMS) and respond along with our ambulance to provide additional help during a medical call.  

6.  Why do I sometimes see a fire truck or ambulance with lights and sirens on go through a red light or intersection, only to turn them off and slow down or turn around?

Often, several units from different locations are dispatched to the same incident.  Another unit may arrive on scene first and inform the other responding units by radio that they are either no longer needed or can slow their response to a non-emergency state (no lights and sirens).  

7.  Why does the ambulance sit in front of my house for a few minutes after the patient is placed inside?


Sometimes, a patient needs a medication administered or a special procedure before the ambulance departs for the hospital.  Some medical conditions need to be addressed rapidly to ensure a positive outcome for the patient.   

8.  What is the difference between an EMT and a Paramedic?

There are four different levels of EMS certifications.  From lowest to highest is First Responder, EMT, Advanced EMT, and Paramedic.  Naturally, each level requires more training and can provide a higher level of emergency care than the prior.

9.  How do I obtain a fire report?

Contact the fire district office at (318) 797-4111 to obtain a copy of a fire report.

10.  Does the fire district fill swimming pools?

No, we are not allowed to fill swimming pools.

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