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The mission of Caddo Fire District 5 is to provide the citizens in our area of responsibility the very best fire protection and emergency medical service possible by maintaining highly motivated paid and volunteer personnel that continually train to provide these services in an efficient, competent, and safe manner.


Provide a preeminent level of emergency care and fire protection at the most affordable cost to our citizens.

Be a community oriented service provider while maintaining focus on our primary objectives.

Treat all citizens with the consideration and compassion they deserve in their time of need.

Be good neighbors and enthusiastically participate in worthwhile community events.

Participate with private businesses, local government, and public organizations to develop and implement innovative life safety risk reduction programs.

Encourage, educate, develop, and promote our youth as our community’s most valuable resource and asset. 
Treat our fellow members with respect, admiration, and compassion. 

Appreciate our members for their dedication, recognize them for their contributions, and reward them for their achievements.

Conduct ourselves in a professional manner, deserving of the pride and praise of our community.

Be fair and honest in our dealings with parish government and outside agencies.

Be recognized as leaders in fire protection and EMS service.

Monitor our operations, administration, and the services we deliver, and when we find a deficiency, quickly implement necessary changes.

Find out about upcoming board meetings, active bid specifications, and read past meeting minutes.

Discover the simple process for obtaining a burn permit before burning outdoors.

Learn fire safety tips to help keep your family safe and protect your home.

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