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If you wish to do any outdoor burning in Caddo Parish, you must call your local fire district to obtain a burn permit (also known as a burn number) prior to setting the fire.  There is NO CHARGE whatsoever for a burn permit.  If weather conditions are favorable, the fire district will issue a burn permit once certain information is received from the individual requesting the permit (name and phone number of who will be burning, location of the burn, what will be burned, and when).

To obtain a burn permit, please call 797-4111 after 8:00 AM on the day you will be burning.  Burn permits are only good for one day and are not issued in advance.  If you will be burning more than one day, you must call each day that you burn.

Caddo Parish Ordinance No. 2548 sets forth the requirements for any burning:

Find out about upcoming board meetings, active bid specifications, and read past meeting minutes.

Discover the simple process for obtaining a burn permit before burning outdoors.

Learn fire safety tips to help keep your family safe and protect your home.

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